Friday, 18 November 2016

Jews, Judaizing Movements and the Traditions of Israelite Descent in South Asia

The first book ever to combine the socio-historical-cultural study of the three Jewish communities of India, viz., the Bene Israel, the Cochini and the Baghdadi, the three Judaizing movements that emerged in India during the last seventy years, viz., the B'nei Menashe of Manipur and Mizoram, the B'nei Ephraim of Andhra Pradesh and the Chettiars of Tamil Nadu, and the traditions of Israelite descent among certain sections of Muslims and Christians in South Asia and the Jewish response to those traditions.

“Whereas there have been many studies concerning the Jewish communities in India, and in recent years the Judaisers, there have, to the best of my knowledge, not been any other works that have included communities with traditions of Israelite descent alongside the other two categories. Here, Aafreedi has essentially broken new ground, drawing attention to these groups, for people with an interest in the Jews of India.”

-         -  Myer Samra, Australian Journal of Jewish Studies

“The book provides an unusual set of perspectives to view the Jews of India and those who claim affinity with Israel or the Jewish faith.”

- Dr. Jael Silliman 

"One of the most widely discussed works on the lost tribes of humanity in recent times."

- Vidya Pandit, Education World

"Historians...believe that Navras' research may turn out to be a milestone in the genealogical-historical research that takes place in an obscure corner of Lucknow, rediscovering a link lost in the passage of time."

- Farzand Ahmad, India Today

"A comprehensive and perhaps a landmark study of the Jews in India."
- Prof S N Sinha, Emeritus Professor, Allahabad University and Former Head, Department of History, Jamia Millia Islamia

"...a significant work of reference, and throughout is most interesting and written in elegant and lucid style. It is a welcome contribution to the field of Indo-Judaic Studies, and fills a lacuna in our sketchy, often shadowy knowledge of the Indian Jews and the claimants of Israelite descent in India."

- Professor K P Mishra, Former Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Gorakhpur
"An admirably lucid and elegant account of the history of Indian Jews and those groups who profess to have descended from the 'Lost Tribes of Israel'."

- Professor V D Pandey, Former Head, Department of Medieval & Modern Indian History, University of Lucknow

“…A successful attempt at discussing the history of Jews in India, and in initiating a dialogue for introducing Indo-Judaic studies in Southasia. A pioneering work, introducing Indian Jewry to the world of academics, Aafreedi lays the first stone for further research in the field of Jewish History in Southasia.”
-          - Ambreen Agha, Himal Southasian
"...research...has drawn wide appreciation..."

- Puja Awasthi, The Sunday Indian

Author: Since the publication of the book, its author Dr Navras Jaat Aafreedi has joined Presidency University in Kolkata as Assistant Professor in History. Before that he taught at Gautam Buddha University for six years and four months as Assistant Professor in its Department of History & Civilization.
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