Monday, 26 March 2007

Afridi Pathans from the Khyber Agency of the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan


Anonymous said...

I have read your work. In Pakistan all of us know for sure we are Aryans. We have nothing Semitic (Jewish-Arab) in us. See also Genetic testing by the Wellcome group UK. We took up new Semitic names after we liked Islam. The Mossad is using you. Fake data can not change the History of Ariana.
M. Khattak

David Ben-Ariel said...

Birthmarks of fulfilled biblical prophecies identify Israel!
How can they have "Jewish customs" if they've lost their identity? The "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel" lost their identity because they lost the seventh day Sabbath and festivals and dietary laws. Those who maintain any semblance of "Jewish customs" are more likely either descendants of Jews or converts to Judaism - not Israelites.
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Anonymous said...

obviously khattak sahab muz da israel aolad yooo

da ba manay

we belong to ben israel and afridi had work better to exploit that those pushtoons who wants to return back to their origin they should be allowed and the taliban should not to tinkur with them .

Anonymous said...

and mr khattakl if you want to be hindu so sure its your choice but we are not hindus or aryans

ao da welcome group de zan sara keda

Unknown said...

According to tora law a Pashtun that violats Taliban ruling is a sinner for the taliban are the true isrealite kingdom and there interpretation of Islam fits with tora law !! enyone that claims different shows that he was brainwashed by the zionists and the west